2012 Isabella Tea Party

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Bob Uszak, Joe Christopher, John Zajac, Jim BruderJohn Wesner, Mike MooreHarding ChristMarilyn Misencik Jan Black, Bobbie Bruder, Fran Paden, Betty Rieck, Chris Schneider, Fran SikoraGift Basket Staging Area 1Gift Basket Staging Area 2Gift Basket Staging Area 3 Tom MichelichDan Pulit, Jim Bruder, Joe LoweGeorge Perz, Ted Schmitz, Joe Lowe, Bob UszakJoe Christopher, George Perz Joe Lowe, Phyllis Perz, Joe Christopher, George PerzHelen LoweMarian Ertler, Lucy SilvaPhyllis Perz, Mary Bliss, Pat Christ Jim Bruder, Rich BencalChar Pulit, Fran PadenVic Sedivec & Joe Lowe argue about how to run the dishwasherMarian Ertler, Laverne Sedivec, Marilyn Misencik Betty Weimar, Betty RieckAl Weimer, Joe Chrisrtopher, Bob Uszak, Harding ChristHarding Christ, Fran SikoraTheresa Pabin, Chris Schneider Marian Wesner, Chris Schneider & Rita Michelich,John WesnerChar Pulit, Mary Jane Morog, Mary Brady, Debbie Berger, & Jan Black prepare cookie platesJohn Wesner tells Bobbie Bruder & Marian Wesner how the men would do it if they were in charge Raffle ItemsDoor PrizesSpecial Raffle ItemsTea Party Hall Set Up Wide Angle Tea Party Whole Hall Table Set Up Table SettingPlace SettingTed Schmitz & Vic Sedivec Simie DiLuciano & Joe ChristopherGeorge Perz & Mary BradyPhyllis Perz, Fran Sikora, Pat Christ, Marilyn Misencik, Char Pulit make last minute plansPat Christ, Darlene Sadzewicz, Andrea Reed Andrea Reed & Betty RieckFrank Szendrey, George Perz, & Harding Christ stage the dinner servingsT. Schmitz-M. J. Morog-Marilyn Misencik-Betty Rieck-Helen Lowe-Phyllis Perz-Vic Sedivec-Joe Misencik-Mary BlissCy Bliss arranges dishes A Full House as UsualAndrea Reed , Mike Moore & Darlene SadzewiczGuests 1Guests 2 Guests 3Guests 4Guests 5Guests 6 Guests 7Mary Bliss calls Door Prize Winners as Bobbie Bruder & Betty Rieck help distribute themThe guys rest-Cy Bliss, Harding Christ, Bob Uszak, Frank Szendrey, Ted Schmitz, Joe Christopher, Vic SedivecLarry Barber & Jim Bruder show up in time to eat John Riba helps Tiny Tim Gargaro prepare for his performanceForestlawn School Hummingbirds & Director Andrea SnellForestlawn School Hummingbirds Mary Bliss introduces the Golden Crescent Barbershop Choir Golden Crescent Barbershop ChoirGolden Crescent Barbershop Choir 2The Highlight (or Lowlight) of the evening was Tiny Tim Gargaro's singing Tip Toe Thru The TulipsTiny Tim Gargaro (It's no wonder Miss Vicky left him)