Internet Tools

The Internet is a wonderful resource but also has many unfortunate features of the Wild West in its heyday. Safe browsing includes protecting yourself from viruses and other malware such as spyware, etc. Our webmaster recommends these  free effective tools for safe surfing.  These are popular free antivirus programs. If you need added support get the paid version but in most cases the free version is totally adequate. Virus definition updates are made automatically, daily.

Avast  Anti-Virus
Avira  Anti-Virus
Microsoft Security Essentials
AVG  Anti-Virus

How Strong is your password - Click HERE to check.

SpyBot Search and Destroy is one of the best anti-spyware tools. The tool allows you to immunize your computer to prevent you from accidentally visiting malicious sites. You must initiate periodic updates manually. For a review of the problem, visit the folks at Bleeping Computer. Their tutorials on other matters may also be of interest.

Web browsing is especially enjoyable when your browser is functioning properly. The folks at Florida Gulf Coast University offer a safe tool for testing yours. Take the browser test.

Many useful documents are available on the Internet and some require special readers. For example, one may not be able to read a Microsoft Word document if the program is not installed. The same is true of other Microsoft Office documents and Adobe PDF files. Free readers can be installed to view such documents. Here we list links for acquiring the tools you may need.

Adobe PDF Reader Be sure to "Unclick" the optional software box before downloading
Flash Player Windows Other Operating System
It's built into the GoogleCrome Browser  - Flash is a frequent target of hackers.Avoid using it unless required on a webpage 
MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint Viewer  Windows