2014 McManus Christmas Party

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  • 2014 Christmas at Tom's
  • Ted & Marita Rink Greet Guests
  • Tony Freda checks in with Ted Rink and Bob Uszak
  • Mike Gall & John Riba
  • Tony Rangel & Fran Paden
  • Fran Paden & Bob Uszak
  • John Pabin, Jim Bruder, Kevin McHenry
  • Jim Brady & Dan Pulit
  • Bobbie & Jim Bruder
  • Jeannine Godwin, Colleen McHenry. Terry Pabin, Mary Brady
  • Lady Elane & Vice Supreme Master Don Hall with Ed & Elaine Cook
  • Bob Trunk, Jeannine Godwin, John & Marian Wesner, Mary & Jim Brady, Colleen & Kevin McHenry
  • Mike Gall, Olga Mitchell, Tom Patterson, unknown guest, Joe Miller, Judy & Dick Weitzel
  • Joe Lowe, Dan & Char Pulit,Cy Bliss, Tom's Country Place Owner Bill Hricovec, Mary Bliss, Tom & Rita Michelich, Fran Sikora, Helen Lowe
  • Ed & Elaine Cook, LaVerne & Vic Sedivec, Harding & Pat Christ, Lady Elane & VSM Don Hall
  • John Riba, Tom & Mary Ann Czarney, Bob Booth, Carol Greene, Jim Bruder
  • Joe & Marilyn Misencik,Linda & Tony Freda, Terry & John Pabin
  • Sandy Moore, Fran Paden, Bob Uszak,Rita & Michelle McConley, Ted & Marita Rink
  • Ted & Marita Rink, Mike & Sandy Moore, Fran Paden, Bob Uszak, Rita McConley
  • Enjoying the Entertaiment
  • Enjoying the Entertaiment
  • Faithful Navigator Vic Sedivec
  • Vice Supreme Master Don Hall addresses the guests
  • full screen sliderSir Knight of the Year Ted Rink may not appreciate what Jim Bruder did
  • 2014 Sir Knight of the Year Ted Rink
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