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Who are the Knights of Columbus?

Men of faith have always sought extraordinary ways to serve the Lord and the communities in which they live. For a variety of reasons, the men of this council have chosen to join the Knights of Columbus. These pages present a glimpse of who we are and what we do.

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While the formal dress of the Fourth Degree Knights is the most colorful and visible part of the order, the work clothes of the order are much more mundane. In 2014, the order celebrated 132 years of existence (incorporated March 29, 1882) with Fr. Ragan Council being chartered in 1950. "Throughout its history, the Knights of Columbus has been an effective advocate and defender of civil and religious rights for all. The organization has also contributed billions of dollars and millions of hours of volunteer service to charity."

As previously memtioned, the most visible members of our order are the 4th degree knights whose colored capes, swords and plumed chapeaus are seen at Confirmations, Memorial Masses and many other parish activities as requested by the Pastor.  Our Council is affiliated with the Lt. Francis McManus Fourth Degree Assembly #811.

The Military Academy at West Point has a college council (Council 8250) with a large active membership. In this modern age, some have accused our order of being anachronistic. Hundreds, maybe thousands, of intelligent young college men think otherwise. They know that serving the Lord by serving others is never out of date. The net gain of college members over five years is about 6,000 and college councils continue to increase. See the recent report from the Archdiocese of Atlanta. A comprehensive list of college councils can be found at the Supreme Council site.